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With Free VPN, Web users can encrypt their browsing traffic from prying eyes. The program creates a virtual private network in seconds by connecting to various servers. A given user won't have to worry about someone snooping on their traffic or tracking what they're typing in or looking at. VPNs continue to grow in popularity as more and more privacy concerns arise for Internet users. Fortunately, Free VPN offers a cost-effective, simple solution for users new to the concept of a VPN.

Launch A VPN in Seconds With No Guesswork Involved

Many VPN programs are difficult to use and feature a strict learning curve. However, Free VPN simplifies this entire process for every user. They'll download the program, launch it, and be presented with a simple user interface. Everything is as simple as choosing a server in a given country and activating the connection. From there, individual users can browse with peace of mind, knowing they're protected.

Free VPN offers over a dozen servers in a dozen countries. Connecting to individual servers couldn't be easier. Plus, all of these servers are guaranteed to provide an encrypted connection and mask browsing activity. A VPN won't protect each user from every threat out there, but it's an excellent start for staying secure. Every person should utilize a VPN in today's world to remain anonymous while using the Internet.

A Few Notable Downsides and Issues With Free VPN

Since Free VPN is a costless solution, certain downsides are prevalent. For starters, not all of the servers provide a smooth experience. A user connecting to a given server may notice slow connectivity and a host of other problems, depending upon time of day. It doesn't help the program lacks any extra features aside from choosing a server or country. For that reason, users with VPN experience may prefer a more in-depth program, or at least one that includes a handful of useful features out of the box. Free VPN gets the job done with ease nine times out of ten. Not everyone will be happy about the experience, though.

Is Free VPN Worth Some Consideration?

Brand new users of VPN programs will want to check out Free VPN. In the end, the program works as intended with only minor problems. The VPN service itself works well and provides a strong, encrypted connection. Perhaps the program is too simple for anyone that has tried a VPN before, though. For such users, better VPN options are available, both free and paid. Free VPN still stands as a good starting point for beginners, or those that want a click-and-go solution for secure Web browsing.


  • Free VPN requires no prior knowledge to use.
  • Multiple servers in multiple countries available.
  • Create a secure environment to browse the Web in seconds.


  • Free VPN lacks features found in other free programs.
  • Not all servers provide a smooth experience during use.
  • A very simple option that advanced users may detest.

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